Sunday, September 16, 2012

I know how to use pronouns, but just BETWEEN YOU AND ME, I cannot ever remember which pronoun goes into which category. It's embarrassing to say the least. I just can't seem to make MYSELF learn the declensions. (Now there's a grammar term to look up!) Subjective, objective, possessive, reflexive. Are there any others? I'd have to look in the class packet. They're  confusing in THEMSELVES.

It's a matter of memorization, I suppose. Like the conjugation of verbs. All the terminology makes my head spin. At what age do we teach, expect students to memorize these pronoun cases? Memorization in ITSELF is not a bad thing as far as I'm concerned. I memorized a lot of poetry when I was a kid and can still remember some of it. "I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me. . ."

Now, song lyrics are another thing altogether. A song from the 60s, fifty years ago, can come on the radio, and I find MYSELF singing the words right along. Every word flowing from my brain as though it were just yesterday. Amazing how music can aid memorization. Probably hearing it ten times a day on Hot One Three Oh One helped a great deal. There's just something about repetition that goes along with recitation.

Just BETWEEN US AND THE GATEPOST, is something I remember hearing a long time ago. A secret between two or more people with an inanimate object as a witness. Fun, archaic farm talk. I've noticed that quite a few of our idioms (regionalisms) come from rural speech. Take,"Madder than a wet hen," for example.

I recently read of a huge first volume of American regionalisms. It took several decades to put together. Quite a project begun by one man, handed down to a woman who kept up the work. I'd like to look through that book. I bet it's really humorous.

Somehow I have let MYSELF stray from the topic of what I have learned this week. Seems like that happens quite often in my blogs. I promise I'll keep on track better next week after we learn more about grammar ITSELF.


  1. Good job incorporating all the patterns of the week into your blog. I really like how you compared memorizing grammar terms to memorizing song lyrics, because although they should be the same, in all reality memorizing the song lyrics is so much easier. There are so many grammar terms and once you master some, all of a sudden a bunch more are thrown at you to learn and understand and be able to distinguish in writing. I sometimes do not think it is possible.

  2. yeah, and you often hear students say they still remember the little ditties from SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK. Just the songs, though. Not so much the grammar!